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This site is an early work in progress. You can help by contributing.

Purdue Cognitive/Learning Lab

This documentation is meant to be a resource for developers working for the PCLLAB. In the past, much information was not written down anywhere, leading to a lot of wasted time when new developers were brought on board, especially if no previous developers remained.

Handbook & Website

For more information about the PCLLAB checkout the Handbook and Lab website


Look at the tutorials and overview of jsPsych at

Next steps

We use a slightly modified yet completely incompatible version of jsPsych which can be seen in jspsych.js in any of our experiments.


From the experiment side, there is no difference besides using our own plugins instead of the default ones made for jsPsych. From the plugins side, notice that we use jQuery (display_element for instance).

All the plugins we use are available at