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Lab IRB Information

TODO: Update details about reporting requirements

The Purdue IRB website is here:

Importance of the IRB

Every year, I am required to submit a count of the number of subjects tested during the year for all of our IRB protocols. As the Principal Investigator, I am required by the IRB to affirm the following things:

  • All signed consent forms are readily accessible to the PI
  • All signed consent forms will be accessible to the PI for 3 years following the closure of the IRB protocol
  • All personnel involved with the research have current CITI certification in human subjects research

Current IRB Protocols

Use the table below to determine which IRB protocol you should use for your project. If you have questions, ask Jeff.

Type of Study Protocol Number Protocol Title Admin Check-In
PSY 120 - In Lab 1007009512 "Memory and Metacognition" 2024-10-5
PSY 120 - Online 1601017062 "Online Learning and Memory Research - PSY 120" 2025-7-21
Paid - Amazon eGift card or cash 1207012513 "Retrieval-Enhanced Learning of Foundational Conceptual Knowledge" 2025-1-2
MTurk 1305013648 "Online Learning and Memory Research" 2025-7-27
Children 1404014764 "Computer-Based Guided Retrieval Practice for Elementary Children" 2025-7-21

Where to Find Lab IRB documents

Lab IRB documents are stored on the LearningLab server. Go to LearningLab and find the folder called Lab IRB Documents. There you will find folders for each IRB protocol. Within each IRB protocol folder, there are subfolders for:

  • Approval Documents. These are for reference only.
  • Templates: This folder includes templates of consent forms and debriefing forms that you will need to tailor for your experiment.
  • Scanned Consent Forms. This folder is where you will archive your scanned consent forms.