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Lab Policies

This section contains policies about working in the lab on a day to day basis, including things like using rooms, using computers, handling files, getting supplies, and more. These policies help ensure that everyone is coordinated and that everything in the lab is running in a systematic way.

Code of Conduct

The lab has a simple Code of Conduct that helps ensure that all of our people and all of our projects will be successful:

  • Be Prepared. This means making sure that you have everything prepared for experiment sessions, that you schedule sessions with subjects, and that you are prepared for meetings with other lab members.
  • Be Responsible. This means communicating with others in the lab, monitoring the progress of ongoing experiments, keeping appointments with subjects, attending required meetings, and keeping the lab secure.
  • Be Organized. This means keeping all paper and digital files organized for all experiments and keeping the lab computers organized and clean.
  • Be Careful. This means paying attention to detail when it comes to running sessions and scoring and entering data.

Dress Code

  • The lab has a straightforward dress code: You should look nicer than the subjects in our experiments. Subjects may show up for experiments looking like slobs, but you may not.

Lab Etiquette

  • Please talk quietly in the lab. The walls are very thin and there are other labs adjacent to ours.