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Lab Rooms

Overview of Rooms in the Lab

  • Room 184 in PRCE is the lab's main work room. All paper files associated with each project are stored in this room. The lab supply cabinet is located in this room.
  • Rooms 181, 182, and 183 in PRCE are testing rooms for running experiments.
  • Room 3132 in PSY is a shared testing room that any researcher in the department can reserve and use. The link to reserve the room is

Using Google Calendars to Reserve Rooms

  • There are Google calendars for our three lab testing rooms (PRCE 181, 182, & 183) and one for our lab’s use of the shared testing room (PSY 3132). Contact a postdoc or graduate student to be granted access to these Google calendars.
  • To sign out rooms, click on the calendar for the time you want to sign out. You can do this by clicking at the start time and dragging until the finish time. Make sure no one has signed out the room already. Label the event with your name, the Sona number, and/or a brief experiment name (e.g., "692C Part 1 - Brie").
  • Only sign out testing rooms if you will actually use the room to run an experiment. Do not sign out testing rooms more than 2 weeks in advance of when you would use them. If you no longer need a time slot, promptly delete it from the Google calendar. Make sure to delete all time slots you do not need (e.g., both sessions of a 2-session experiment).