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Before You Travel

  • Get a Visa Travel Card (talk to business office?)
  • Create a travel request in Concur (see below for instructions)
  • Talk to Jeff about your travel plans at least two months prior to your travel date.

While You Travel

Charge the following items to your Visa Travel Card:

  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Taxis
  • Airport Parking
  • Registration Fees

Do not charge meals to the Visa Travel Card. You will be reimbursed instead with a per diem. Save your receipts!

Create a Travel Request in Concur

Before you can create an expense report, you have to create a travel request in Concur.

  • Log on to Concur
  • Click "Requests", then "New Request"
  • Name your request according to the department naming convention:
    • PSY-, your initial and last name, destination, purpose/conference, and departure date
    • Example: PSY-RAriel Boston Psychonomics 11-17-16
  • Complete the form. Most fields on the form are straightforward, but make sure to do the following:
    • Purpose of Travel: Select "Academic"
    • Is this trip being paid for by Purdue?: Select "No"
    • Account Assignment: Select an account (ask Jeff if you are unsure which account to select)
  • Submit the request. Your request should be automatically approved within the system.

Create an Expense Report in Concur

  • Under "Requests", select the travel request for which you want to submit an expense report. Then click "Expense" to begin the expense report.
  • You will see a Report Header section with info filled in from your request. Below that, click on the request you created to link the request to the expense report. Click "Next" (bottom right of the screen).
  • Enter your itinerary, which includes each segment of travel. (Remember that West Lafayette to Indianapolis or a Chicago airport constitutes a segment.) Click Next. This will take you through per diem allowances for each day of your itinerary. At the end, click "Create Expenses."
  • Add the rest of your expenses. The easiest way is to click "Import Expenses". This takes you to a list of outstanding charges on your card. Select the relevant ones, then click "Move To Current Report."
  • Click on each expense (other than Fixed Meals). Make sure the fields are correct for each expense. You need to attach receipts for these expenses:
    • Flight
    • Hotel
    • Taxis
    • Parking
  • For hotel expenses, enter the Nightly Lodging Expenses info (separate entries for the room rate and room taxes).
  • If you traveled to an airport, include Personal Car Mileage for each segment of the trip.
  • Allocate expenses. Once all expense information has been entered, select all the expenses, then click "Allocate the selected expenses". You'll want to allocate 100% of expenses to the funding source you originally selected (unless you have an unusual circumstance).
  • Submit the report.