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Scanning and Archiving

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When you have completed an experiment, or when you are done running subjects for a while (during the summer), you need to scan and archive your consent forms.

Here is an example of what consent forms should look like when they are ready to be scanned and archived.

Before you start scanning, your consent forms must:

  • Be clean and readable copies
  • Contain the correct Sona number and experiment name (e.g., "Sona #087: Criterial Recollection)
  • Be signed and dated by the subject
  • Be signed by the experimenter
  • Be de-identified, meaning that there cannot be information on the consent forms (like subject numbers) that could link the subjects to their data

How to Scan Documents

Use the walk-up copier located in PRCE. (Include step by step instructions here. Settings: Black and white. )

Check Your Scanned Files

When you receive the PDF, check to make sure the scanned PDF matches your experiment log. If you tested 100 people, there should be 100 pages in the PDF. Before you scan, put your consent forms in the same order as the experiment log.

Name Your Scanned Files

Please include the following:

  • Sona number (e.g., #087)
  • Experiment name (e.g., Criterial Recollection)
  • Start date: Date of the earliest consent form in the file (e.g., 2010-9-2)
  • End date: Date of the latest consent form in the file (e.g., 2010-9-30)

Example: "#087 Criterial Recollection 2010-9-2 to 2010-9-30.pdf"

Put the PDF(s) of scanned consent forms on LearningLab.

Scanning Consent Forms, Archiving Consent Forms, and Reporting Subject Counts Note that subject reports need to be reported to me. Also note based on the dates above when the IRB reports are due