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Randomized Conditions and Counterbalenced Versions

Sometimes (especially with in-person experiments) participants will be assigned to conditions by the experimenter. Other times, we will have the program randomly assign participants to conditions.


Regardless of how participants are assigned to conditions, the program will need to present different stimuli/materials/tasks depending on what condition(s) that participant was assigned to. You can do this by using if-then or if-else logic.

// Asign stimuli by condition
if (this.condition == "CONDITION_V1A") {
    this.testList = jsPsych.randomization.shuffleNoRepeats(testCuesV1A);
} else if (this.condition == "CONDITION_V2A") {
    this.testList = jsPsych.randomization.shuffleNoRepeats(testCuesV2A);
} else if (this.condition == "CONDITION_V3A") {
    this.testList = jsPsych.randomization.shuffleNoRepeats(testCuesV3A);
} else if (this.condition == "CONDITION_V1B") {
    this.testList = jsPsych.randomization.shuffleNoRepeats(testCuesV1B);
} else if (this.condition == "CONDITION_V2B") {
    this.testList = jsPsych.randomization.shuffleNoRepeats(testCuesV2B);
} else if (this.condition == "CONDITION_V3B") {
    this.testList = jsPsych.randomization.shuffleNoRepeats(testCuesV3B);