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Cognition and Learning Laboratory Handbook

This handbook includes policies, information, and procedures for working in the Cognition and Learning Laboratory. For undergraduate students, the PSY 390/391/498 syllabus contains additional information about working in the lab for course credit. You can probably find the answers to most questions in this handbook, but if you ever have a question about working in the lab, please ask someone.

This handbook contains five sections:

  1. Introduction. This section talks about the purpose of the lab, people and their roles in the lab, and an overview of the research process.
  2. Lab Policies. This section contains policies and important information about working in the lab on a day to day basis.
  3. Running Lab Experiments. This section provides details about all the steps involved in running experiments in the lab.
  4. Running Online Experiments. This section contains information about conducting online experiments.
  5. Experiment Programming Guide This section includes introductory information related to creating and programming experiments.
  6. Resources. This section contains additional information and resources relevant to working in the Cognition and Learning Lab.