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It's called Jarvis.

Physical computer

Jarvis can refer to the physical computer (computers?) that you can ssh into and it runs all our serverside code. This runs everything accessible by a link starting with, and it does some other stuff too.

File locations

/srv is where most hosted files live. There are a lot of unused/useless files here.

/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf You will need to edit this to if you want to change how certain routes on Jarvis are handled. You will probably have to run nginx -s reload after updates.

/etc/nginx/nginx.conf This is the root config which "includes" the default.conf above.

/etc/systemd/system has unit files detailing some services

/usr/lib/systemd/system has unit files provided by installed packages

/etc/mongodb.conf mongodb conf

/srv/node_verions holds different node versions. I don't remember if I did this, but this should be removed once the legacy jarvis app is dead, and docker containers should be used instead.


sudo systemctl status **SERVICENAME**.service will show if a service is running.

sudo systemctl start mongodb.service will restart the MongoDB server.

sudo systemctl start jarvisbackend.service will restart the Jarvis backend. MongoDB must be running, otherwise various things won't work.

Github bot

I never ended using it, but the credentials for pcllab-bot and are here.



There are no currently running webhooks. Old code and config can be safely removed.

To set up webhooks, you'll need to edit the default.conf to handle a specific route differently. Specifically, you will need to use a reverse proxy to send a request to NGINX to a server running locally on Jarvis.

Existing examples for setting up a Node.js server to handle this are in PCLLAB/website-mkdocs and PCLLAB/Handbook. I think these are bad, but it's better than nothing.

Keep in mind when using child_process.exec, a new shell is spawned each time exec is called, so use && to connect dependent commands.


Jarvis can also refer to app which allows us to record and view data from experiments.

  • and the code is at PCLLAB/jarvis

    • This legacy version uses an Angular frontend, Express backend, and a MongoDB database. The code is basically unmaintainable even after significant refactoring. Recommend archiving this repo once no longer needed. There is some "legacy" code in the backend that interfaces with a MySQL database. This is deprecated. The data has been migrated and the MySQL server has not been restarted. This is the cause of some error logging when the Express app is started. Feel free to ignore/refacter the code.
  • and the code is at PCLLAB/edith

    • The new version uses NextJS and the same MongoDB database. This should eventually be moved to the base url once there is no need to use the legacy app. I called this edith but it might also be called bedi somewhere since I renamed it.

Updating Jarvis

Legacy App

Pushing to main branch of pcllab/jarvis triggers a Github Action that creates a build placed in the production branch.

On Jarvis, /srv/jarvis-prod/ is a clone of the production branch. Running git pull updates the code. This updates the client files, but does not restart the running Express server. Running systemctl restart jarvisbackend will actually restart the server. It's a good idea to run systemctl status jarvisbackend to check the restart was successful.

/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf specifies that the files in /srv/jarvis-prod/client/dist are served from

Don't use the build_and_ship files. I don't know how they used to work.

New App (edith)

This uses docker to avoid having to mess with node versions.

There is a clone of PCLLAB/edith at /srv/edith.

Run git pull to update files.

docker build -t edith .

docker run -e PORT=3333 --network=host -d edith


Troubleshooting MongoDB not starting

  • Delete /data/db/mongo.lock if it exists, this means mongodb did not shutdown properly
  • make sure ownership/permissions correct
    • /tmp/mongodb-27017.sock
    • /data/db
    • /var/log/mongod
    • /etc/rd.d/init.d/mongod
  • netstat -lntu to see what ports are in use
    • mongodb is on :27017, jarvis is on 3003

Misc Issues

Changing the static files directory

It looks like I did something wrong with nginx? Although I don't see it being a service. Should look into it. Until this, running the following command on the desired statis file directory (in my case /srv/jarvis-prod/client/dist) will allow it to work. The owner and group might matter, but might not.

chcon -Rt httpd_sys_content_t /path/to/www

Running out of disk space

See total dh -h

See for subdirectories du -sh ./* | sort -h

This nuked a 22G /var/lib/docker folder for me docker system prune -a -f