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Getting Supplies, Printing, and Making Copies

  1. Supply Cabinet. Our lab's supply cabinet is in the work room (3131). There you can find paper, pens, cleaning supplies, and other supplies. If the supply cabinet is running low on an item, tell someone in the lab (a postdoc, graduate student, or research technician). If we are running short on any supplies, please get more from Phyllis (PRCE 385E).

  2. Pens. You will need pens for every experiment. Pens are stored in the supply cabinet in 3131. You will need to get pens from 3131 before each batch of experiment sessions and return the pens to 3131 after each batch of experiment sessions. If we are running short on pens, please go get more from Phyllis (PRCE 385E).

  3. Printing. The printer is intended only for lab-related items. The printer is located in room 3119, next to Julie Smith’s office. (The printer IP address is

  4. Copies. You will need paperwork for every experiment. Specifically, you will need printed Consent Forms, but you may need additional paperwork too. Make sure you have all paperwork prior to running an experimental session. If you need to make copies, you will need to do so in the copy center (near PRCE 385).